Mercedes Viano Ambiente


Comfort My Travel will be the smartest choice for you to book a premium Mercedes Viano Ambiente Outstation in the most appropriate price range compared to others in Delhi. Condition of the Mercedes Viano Ambiente Outstation will remain properly maintained and clean complete with sanitized seats as well as the full body of the vehicle after each journey. We will provide you with very well versed and well-groomed drivers, timely pick-ups and drops and very competitive prices. Along with the driver, the Mercedes Viano Ambiente Outstation comes with a helper will aid you with the luggage and guide you while answering all the queries. He also serves as a navigator for the driver. The three categories for the vehicle on rent all have different features. The vehicle we provide you with a premium inside build with air condition and normal seats. The Mercedes Viano Ambiente Outstation will provide you with the luxurious design, premium build, air-condition and push-back seats to relax on. All vehicles will be well modified and equipped with the luxurious facilities like music system, LED TV, first Aid Box, and all other essentials. We provide you with the best car hire rates in Lucknow for all your travel requirements.
Car Name : Mercedes Viano Ambiente
Seating Capacity : 7 passengers
Charges :
Minimum 250 KM Rs. 150 Per KM
Night Charges Rs. 1500