Cookies Statement

Almost all websites use cookies to make the user experience more personalised and easily accessible. Cookies can be used for a various reasons, such as to ensure the website works, for analysing the traffic, or even for showcasing smooth advertisements. Cookies can be used by us directly, or through our business partners, which include third party vendors and service providers or suppliers.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data generated by any website which is saved by your web browser. The main purpose a cookie serves is to store information about you. The main function the cookie at all websites serves is to store the user’s login details for a specific site. It depends on sites as to what it will store, both your username and password or just the username. While browsing the internet, you might have seen a pop up box at the corner when you enter few websites saying, “Remember me on this computer.” When you check the box, the website will generate a login cookie when you are successfully logged in. Next time you visit the website, you will not need to put your username again.

First Party Cookies are cookies which are served by an entity which operates the domain of the website. Third Party cookies come from other websites if we allow them into our portal.

Two major types of cookies are Session cookies and Permanent Cookies. Session cookies tend to exist only till the point you close the browser, while a permanent cookie has a longer lifespan and is not deleted even when you close the browser.

Using Cookies to gain information

Cookies are used by a website for many purposes. They provide us with a lot of information about the user like the IP address; device ID; type of browser; pages viewed; browsing information; operating system; internet provider; features used in certain website; advertisements seen through a website/application.

The different types of cookies used in our website and mobile application are:

  • Functional Cookies

Functional Cookies stores your preferences and helps the user to use the website and apps with ease, in an absolutely efficient and effective manner. These cookies remember your login credentials so the next time you use our application or website you won’t have to sign in. The functional cookies are not very strictly needed for a website to work, but it makes the experience smooth by adding functionality and enhancing the usage options.

  • Analytical Cookies

This type of cookies gives out the information regarding the surfing or hovering over been done by the user on the website. It will help us recognize the time and date stamps, the entry link of the user from where they entered, and the exit link of the page where they last were before exiting. Also it gives out the data about the web pages viewed, what platform you used to visit, etc. Mostly the analytical cookies are used to learn the user interaction with the portal as a part of the online advertising campaigns.

  • Commercial Cookies

These will tell us the destinations you have been searching for, your browsing activities, the prices shown to you, the packages you have gone through. According to these factual data, the website will provide you with personalised advertisements.

You may toggle the options of letting the website use cookies when you enter or not by changing the settings for cookies on any of your internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. You may set which cookies to accept and which cookies to not.

Our Cookie Statement may be changed from time to time, so do not forget to keep visiting this page for learning about any changes in the statement.