Rent Maruti SX 4 For Self Drive

Hire Taxi Service Lucknow Rent Maruti SX 4 For Self Drive in Lucknow for all your travel needs ranging from visiting friends and family, heading out for a ride towards the outskirts of the town, a family picnic or get together, a trip with friends to any place of your choice. This highly selling luxurious Sedan, the Taxi Service Lucknow Rent Maruti SX 4 For Self Drive comes with much more comfort and luxurious interiors as compared to its competition. With ample amount of space for the passengers and the luggage, the Taxi Service Lucknow Rent Maruti SX 4 For Self Drive offers comfortable seats so that the travellers can enjoy longer journeys just as much as they would the shorter ones. You can easily book this perfect car for rental with us through our amazing and hassle free payment opportunities and a very easy manner of booking. Comfort My Travel will provide you best services within the best affordable costs for this Taxi Service Lucknow Rent Maruti SX 4 For Self Drive.

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Price – Rs.2000/- per Day

Deposit Amount – Rs.20,000/-

Terms and Conditions

This [**Website/ Application/ Services] is/are [**operated/provided] by Comfort Cabs Private Limited (Comfort Cabs).

The following terms and conditions apply to your visit to our website/application and services at regarding Self Drive Car Rentals Enquiry whether through a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet.


When you use or book any Self Drive Car Rental Service from our website/application, you enter a Contract with the company. You need to read through all the terms and conditions stated on this page before being able to use the service.


  • Application Law(s) shall mean all statutes, laws, enactments, ordinances, rules, by-laws, notifications, regulations, policies, guidelines, directions, acts of Legislature, directives and orders of any Government Authority, board, tribunal or a recognised stock market of India, whether in effect as of the date of these Terms and Conditions or thereafter.
  • Government Authority means any government or statutory authority, department, agency, board, tribunal, commission, court or any other type of entity, authority or body able to exercise legislative, judicial or administrative functionality of or pertaining to a government or state or any subdivision thereof having jurisdiction in accordance with the Application Laws.
  • User means any person who has officially enrolled to use Comfort Cabs’s vehicles and services as per the finishing of use conventions and acknowledgment of the terms and conditions as set out herein.
  • Vehicle(s) means any kind of vehicle or vehicles hired by the User pursuant to the Terms and Conditions specified herein.
  • Terms will mean these terms and conditions as might be refreshed, adjusted, altered, novated, subbed or supplanted every now and then.

The User hereby agrees, acknowledges and accepts that:

Comfort Cabs has established a working website having a registered domain address (“Website”) wherein the terms and conditions regarding the Self Drive Car Rental Services have been listed. It is the responsibility of the user to ask Comfort’s representatives to obtain a soft copy of the agreement if they are unable to view or access the terms and conditions as set out on the website.

The User has read and understood all things mentioned under the terms and conditions as set out in here and agrees to abide by such terms and conditions relating to rental of self-drive cars, fee schedule, and privacy policy and confidentiality terms. Comfort Cabs reserves full rights to change or amend any of the mentioned terms and conditions from time to time with the proper provision of a notice to the User provided once the terms and conditions are updated on the website/application. The User agrees that the updated terms and conditions in this Agreement shall be effective on the same date the terms are updated on the website/application.

The vehicle provision is subject to the acceptance by the User of all the terms and conditions set out in here. In case if the User does not, at any point of time, agree with one or more of the given terms and/or conditions, the User will not be authorized to use any vehicles or services provided by Comfort Cabs. For the avoidance of any kind of doubt, it is clarified that the use of any vehicle or services provided by Comfort Cabs would signify an acceptance by the user of all the mentioned terms and conditions including any amendments or updates provided from time to time.


  • The User who intends to enter into the Agreement and rent out a Self-Drive vehicle(s) from Comfort Cabs, shall have attained the age of 21 years and shall have a valid Driving License with experience in driving for at least 1 year.
  • The User, himself / herself, shall drive the Vehicle and that he / she will not be authorised to assign or sub-let the Vehicle or its use to any other person whomsoever. If the Vehicle is supposed to be driven by any other person then the User shall ensure that such driver is holding a valid driving license and the User shall provide details of any such additional driver to Comfort Cabs beforehand.
  • The User will be exclusively liable for instalment of any cost or other street/leaving charges/highway grant charges, as relevant, during utilization of Vehicle during Hire Period.
  • The User shall take the vehicle on their own risk, and shall be solely liable for any accident, mechanical failure, loss or damage dealt of any kind whatsoever to the vehicle during the course of the hiring. Comfort Cabs shall not be liable to any loss, damage, costs, charges or expenses that may be caused by the User on any other person seated inside the Vehicle during the course of hiring.
  • The User shall not make any alteration or any addition to the vehicle or carry out or replace any particular parts of the vehicle. The User will guarantee that distinctive imprints conveyed or displayed in or on the Vehicle is/are not eliminated and that he/she will not alter or harm the odometer or some other embellishments fitted in the Vehicle and on the off chance that aforementioned is done, the User will be exclusively subject to supplant the equivalent at his/her own expense and results and furthermore be obligated for installment of charges as specified in the Schedule of Charges and some other charges accidental and subordinate thereto.
  • The User shall return the vehicle in clean, good condition and order as it was provided by Comfort Cabs prior to the commencement of the Hiring period. In the occasion the User returns the Vehicle with a nonsensical or inadmissible degree of mileage, at that point all things considered the User will, at sole prudence of Comfort, be obligated to bear all expenses and charges for renovating/fixing the Vehicle relying upon the state of the Vehicle at the hour of its return. Moreover, if the vehicle is returned in untidy or unclean condition to Comfort Cabs and we incur any cost including but not limited to the refurbishing of the vehicle, the User shall be liable to pay the charges as stipulated for the purpose.
  • The User shall allow the representative of Comfort Cabs to inspect the Vehicle when the same is delivered back to Comfort Cabs.
  • If there should arise an occurrence of any offense under any traffic rules or infringement of any law, rule or guideline by the User, the User will alone be dependable and obligated for the said offense or infringement and will be exclusively at risk to pay the measure of any fine/punishment, liable to be forced or imposed by any administration expert in such manner. Assuming, nonetheless, the User neglects to pay the equivalent, Comfort Cabs will pay that sum and a similar will be changed against the Security Deposit or recuperate from some other credit balance accessible in the record of the User
  • The User shall inspect the vehicle for any luggage and/or items at the time of returning the vehicle to Comfort Cabs. We shall not be responsible for any luggage and/or items left in the Vehicle by the User and/or any of the co passengers.
  • In case, a third party happens to claim or detain the vehicle, or otherwise take any action against the vehicle, the User shall take immediate action to ensure that the Vehicle is released from such detention and/or such claims are fully satisfied by the User in that particular regard. If the User tends to lose legal or physical control of the vehicle, the User shall be liable to inform Comfort Cabs as soon as possible and if necessary, take appropriate actions to ensure and recover the legal or physical control of the vehicle. Comfort Cabs may make any moves in light of a legitimate concern for securing its privileges, not barring activity for the sake of the User. The costs brought about because of any activity as expressed thus are to be borne by the User and instalments will for this expense be appropriated from the Security Deposit held by Comfort Cabs and in the event that the Security Deposit sum miss the mark regarding instalments due, at that point the Hirer or Visa holder therefore approves genuinely to charge the necessary add up to the Visa of the Hirer or Mastercard holder.
  • The User will claim the Vehicle from the pickup point determined in the Reservation Details and therefore agrees to cling to and consent to the directions as given by Comfort Cabs (“Instructions/Guidelines”) now and again under this Agreement which incorporates (I) Taking photo of the User alongside Vehicle (ii) taking photo of the Vehicle number plate.
  • The Vehicle shall be returned in similar conditions in which the Vehicle was taken at the hour of initiation of Hire Period along with the following:-
    • With tires, devices, embellishments and types of gear
    • Maker Manual, guarantees and different archives outfitted by the Manufacturer in regard of the Vehicle.
    • Duplicates of enrollment endorsement and the protection strategy (Car Documents).
    • Keys (unique) of the Vehicle and embellishments of the Vehicle.

If the User fails to handover any one or all of the above at the time of returning of the Vehicle, he / she will be liable to pay charges as stipulated in the Schedule of Charges and any incidental or ancillary thereto.



For Indian Nationals

  • Driving License
  • Voter ID Card
  • Adhaar Card
  • Debit/Credit Card Details (if that is the preferred payment mode)

Fort Foreign Nationals

  • International Driving Permit (IDP)
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Resident Proof other than Passport
  • Credit Card (if that is the preferred payment mode)

Note: Individuals holding Non India Driving License need to carry IDP [International Driving Permit] at the time of delivery of car. Comfort Cabs will not hand over the car in case the IDP is not shared with us. No refunds will be made in such a case.

Comfort Cabs claims all authority to deny acknowledgment of any individual as a User without relegating any explanation thereto. It is explained that if any individual is dismissed as a User, he/she will not be allowed to utilize or lease any Comfort Cabs’ Vehicle.


The Users may browse the vehicles which are accessible on the Website to book a Self-Drive Vehicle. At the hour of booking, the Users will be needed to:

  • Select the Vehicle according to their necessities;
  • Give the beginning and end date and time, demonstrating the length for which the Vehicle will be needed for use by the User;
  • Give the subtleties of where the vehicle should be conveyed to the User, and where he will restore the vehicle;
  • Pay the Fees for utilization of the Vehicle through any of the instalment frameworks that Comfort Cabs is utilizing by then of time.

On the off chance that a User wishes to drop a booking or abbreviate the time frame for which a vehicle has been held, he should do as such progress of time, as delineated in the Fee Policy.

In case that a User wishes to extend a booking, such User is needed to convey demand for augmentation to Comfort Cabs preceding the course of events laid out in the Fee Policy. Comfort Cabs will have the sole carefulness to permit such augmentation or reject the equivalent. A request for extension will only be permitted where:

  • The Vehicle is accessible for use for the expansion time frame (for instance, it isn’t held by another User); and
  • Endless supply of Fees ahead of time for such expanded period


Should any User’s driver’s license expire or be revoked, authorization to drive provided vehicles shall expire immediately. Comfort Cabs shall be notified of such revocation by the User by e-mail forthwith upon such revocation.

Upon payment of the fees in advance, Comfort Cabs is responsible to provide the following services to the User:

  • Provide the vehicle model booked by the User, at the favored time and area, as determined at the hour of making the booking
  • On the off chance that there is a deferral or because of any unfortunate occasion Comfort Cabs needs to drop the booking of the User, Comfort Cabs is liable to compensate/give a refund to the User for the part where the service couldn’t be provided.
  • Ensure the vehicle being provided to the User is in good condition and is well maintained.
  • In any unfortunate event when there is a breakdown of the vehicle, while being utilized by the User, and it is settled that the breakdown was because of a mechanical/electrical disappointment of the vehicle and not because of any considerable or driving conduct related harm brought about by the User, Comfort Cabs will attempt to give the most ideal solution to the User. This solution will incorporate giving a substitution vehicle, if the vehicle is inside 2 hours of driving separation from any of Comfort Cabs’ garages, organizing a RSA (street side help) and additionally whatever other assistance that with being required by the User.


By accepting the Terms and Conditions mentioned in here, the User hereby authorizes Comfort Cabs to obtain the User’s driving records from the jurisdiction in which the User is licensed.

Client will be answerable for furnishing and keeping up their record data with Comfort Cabs including subtleties, for example, their present email, portable number, address, and such other data as might be important for the reasons for this understanding.

When utilizing a vehicle, each User should adhere to the proprietor’s manual guidelines gave in the vehicle’s glove compartment. On the off chance that an issue emerges that forestalls or restricts the utilization of the vehicle or that may bargain individuals’ wellbeing, each User should quickly advise us and adhere to the guidelines given by Comfort Cabs.


The Vehicle shall be furnished to the User with a full tank. The User will check and affirm the equivalent at the hour of claiming Vehicle before beginning of the Hire Period. The User will restore the Vehicle with tank loaded with fuel. On the off chance that the Vehicles is gotten back with lesser fuel than needed to make the tank full, at that point, the User shall pay to the expense of the litres of fuel needed to totally fill the fuel tank. The choice of Comfort Cabs in such manner will be last in deciding the quantity of litres needed to totally fill the fuel tank.


The User acknowledges and accepts that the Vehicle is and shall, at all time during the Hire Period, remain the property of Comfort Cabs. Subject to the compliance with the obligations of the User as specified herein, the User shall have the right to use the Vehicle during the Hire Period.


The Users shall be required to pay the Advance Amount for the duration specified by the Users at the time when such booking is being made, and Full Payment at the time of physical delivery of the Comfort Cabs Vehicle to the User. The Fees shall be such as specified on the Website.

Payments can be made with the help of Cash, Wire Transfer to our bank, or through Master/Visa credit cards or even online through UPI or our payment gateway. In case of payment through credit card, a small amount of bank processing fee would be applicable on the amount being paid by credit cards.


In case of cancellation of any service after the first payment instalment and before the date of second instalment deposit, the entire amount paid in the first deposit will be non-refundable.

In cancellation after the second and before the final instalment date, the total amount that was due at the 2nd payment instalment as per your payment schedule would be non-refundable. Any amount that you have paid after and over this amount would be refundable.

In case of cancellation after the final payment has been done, the whole amount will be non-refundable.

How to use the service?

  • Service request by phone

You may reach out to us for booking a service or just to query about the services we provide by calling us any time at +91 8400000090. Comfort Cabs will endeavour to answer your calls and to cater to all your needs and questions. The call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. By booking via phone call, you agree to our terms and conditions governing the service. The company will store your contact information to further reach you out with details and reminders of the service booked.

  • Service request by Website

You may reach us out with an enquiry via our website It is essential to provide real contact details so we can revert back on your enquiry with a package or service that best suits you.


By putting a query on our webpage or on our application, you authorize us to further contact you through phone calls/ SMS/E-mail for providing information about your query/offers/alerts or any promotional information.


All these terms and conditions are subject to the India law and order. Any debate, assertion or controversy arising relating to these User Terms or the breach, termination, enforcement, understanding or validity of and the use of the Website, the Service or the Application (collectively, “Disputes”) will be settled exclusively by the competent court in India, unless you notify us within one month after the company invokes its right pursuant to this provision to commence court proceedings in India, that you demand settlement of the dispute, claim or controversy at hand before the relevant court competent by law.